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credit repair ogden utah My account case worker Tamia Holmes has been very helpful and very effective to when advised of an issue or just answering questions puts me at ease with my concerns. I have no doubt that in a very short period will be corrected as well as my wife's to both of our satisfaction. My husband passed 3 years ago leaving me a young widow 34 of 2, son 5 daughter 3 months. My husband and I had joint accounts, so when he passed I was a stay home mom, so when the bills started coming in I couldn't pay them on time, or at all, life insurance took awhile to kick in. my credit dropped from the 700s to high 500s. After taking 2 years of pulling myself together getting my credit back in good standings was highly necessary, if I wanted a home for my kids. I reached out to Key Credit Repair they were very helpful, but the real reason I've stayed with them is due to the young lady assigned to assist me. Her name is Tamia H, she knows my situation and has gone above and beyond to assist, educate, and listen to me. At first my credit really didnt change, but with the right steps recommended by Tamia I went up 22 points with one credit score and 15 with the other. I am still currantly with Key Credit Repair, and my credit is still rising, I don't have friends or family with credit issues, but the second I come across someone with credit issues, I'm sending them Tamia's way. Thank youRachel Dear Readers, "Key Credit Repair" team has been helping me tremendously with my credit building process.

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Chris got to work right away and contacted the 3 creditors we had issues with.

Whether you defaulted on a derogatory item or not, every item on your credit report must be verified.

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Seriously BEST guy ever.

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