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credit repair license in pennsylvania I am currently with lexington law and they have done wonders for removals. I started at a 527 credit score from Jan 2014 and we are almost a year in and I am at a 630. I do see a trend about the sending two or three letters at a time. I’m really not sure if it raises eyebrows when sending too many challenges at once but throw one extra for kicks especially when I am paying 99. 95 a month. The price mentioned carries an Inquiry assist and for a while 3 months I continued paying that amount not really noticing no more could be done with Inquiries but they continued billing without mentioning it.

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Consumers with less than perfect credit ratings may be tempted to enlist the assistance of a company promising to "clean up" or "erase" bad credit.

Offer friends and family your credit repair counseling services for free, and then ask them for a letter of recommendation.

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They are unable to make ends meet.

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